Man United v Bursapor highlights – Nani takes Rooney's mantle

The furore over Wayne Rooney asking for a transfer must be taking a toll on the confidence at Man Utd, but they still managed to do their job and secure the vital three points in last nights Champions League match against Buraspor.

Sir Alex Ferguson was particularly pleased with Nani as he scored the winning goal, and is growing into an able substitute for Cristiano Ronaldo. But although he was extra happy about the defensive dominance, Ferguson felt that United could have scored a few more goals.

“We could have pushed on better,” he said.

“I think we did well in the sense that we kept the intensity of our game right and we controlled the whole match, I think they had one shot with about two minutes to go. We can take credit from that because they worked really hard, the players. But we could have done better with the last third play.

“I didn’t think they could possibly score because defensively our concentration was good. All the parts of the team were good, just the final part we could have done better.”

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