Mancini – Chelsea are still the better team!

Roberto Mancini’s Man City team may well have beaten Chelsea yesterday, but the Italian coach still believes that Chelsea should be favourites to win the title.

Mancini was asked if this result meant that City could take the title from Chelsea, and he replied: “No, I think Chelsea is the better team on the park and is going to win the title. It is not possible for them to score four goals every game. Sometimes it is like today.

“If they find space they will basically score goals. If they haven’t got the space, it is hard. Our players played very well and defended very well.”

“I don’t think everything is okay. We must wait. A lot of important players for us at the moment are injured.

“We must stay a long time at the top to win something. This can happen if we work better and understand that if we work hard and well, you can do everything. If we have this same mentality we can do better.”

He seems like a sensible lad this Mancini geezer!

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