Marko Marin predicts Chelsea win in Munich

Chelsea have found themselves a fan in the German camp for the Champions League final, as their newest signing, German attacking midfielder Marko Marin, is certain that the Blues are stronger than Bayern Munich.

According to the small German, Bayern Munich have a lot of errors to deal with and they are certain to encounter problems when playing against Chelsea’s skilled attacking force.

“Yes. I watched the German cup final. They made big errors.

“Chelsea have better players and will do well if they play offensively.”

“I think Chelsea will win at the weekend.

“Bayern did a very good job against Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-final, but they did not do well in the cup final.”

Marin has warned his future club that the Germans are a fierce attacking force, and according to him the Blues defense will have to focus on Ribery’s offensive efforts in order to keep their goal clean.

“I think the strongest Bayern player is Franck Ribery because of his dribbling and because he’s a goal threat,” Marin said.

“There’s also Mario Gomez. He’s scored a lot of goals in the Champions League and is a constant danger. If Chelsea can stop them then they will do well.”

A few years ago Chelsea lost the last Champions League final in a very ugly manner, so now they’ll want to keep their focus at a high this time, especially given the sacrifice it took to get them so far in the tournament.

  1. Eberechi kingsley says

    As a chelsea fan in Nigeria i predict that chelsea 3-2 bayan munic, God of soccer has given us the champions league cup these season, and to qualify for the next season champions league.

  2. Edodi says

    Is only attention and hard work that will make Chelsea win

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