Martin O'Neill jokes about Anelka challenge

Damaged pride but nothing else!
Damaged pride but nothing else!

I found this article in the Birmingham Mail which made me laugh. Martin O’Neill was knocked over completely when an Aston Villa player bowled Chelsea’s Nicolas Anelka over, and straight into his manager on the sidelines.

The article said: VILLA fans weren’t the only ones swept off their feet by the impressive victory over Chelsea – just ask Martin O’Neill!

The manager was literally knocked off his feet when he was clattered by Chelsea’s Nicolas Anelka on the touchline as the Frenchman chased a lost ball.

The giant striker took O’Neill out like a bowling ball would skittles, leaving the Northern Irishman with a cut elbow and a few bumps and bruises.

Anelka helped O’Neill to his feet and the Villa boss joked later: “I thought Anelka should have been sent off! But I took it like a man. I was very sore but I didn’t cry.

“I got in the way of it – but then again I could never tackle.

“I injured a lot of my pride but I’m fine.”

I’m not surprised he wasn’t upset about it. He had just seen his team beat Chelsea!

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