Media step up campaign against John Terry and Ashley Cole

The media campaign that has now been in full swing against both Ashley Cole and John Terry has stepped up a notch or two over their off the field antics.

The latest stories are over will Terry be booed or not when England face off against Egypt on Wednesday and Cole’s alleged rant at fans at a Sports clinic in France.

It is now almost certain that Terry will be booed against Egypt and the reason is that the press have more or less campaigned for it, asking Wayne Rooney about it at an England conference does nothing more than justify it being splashed across the sports pages providing the flames of publicity.

Jumping from the sports pages to the front pages is Cole and his apparent rant against fans, having read the quotes it is clear that his comments are being taken out of context and the quoting of so called Chelsea fans saying Cole has gone crazy is nothing less than sensationalism at its very best.

The fact that it is now off field goings on that are the source for all the latest tabloid headlines is a change of tactics by the rags, a few seasons back it was all about the money and so called arrogance, now it is players personal lives.

Chelsea are a target and will remain a target of the press, once they sense blood they go after it with a dedication unmatched in any other trade and when their efforts failed previously it became a necessity to change tact.

This they have done in earnest, naturally Cole and Terry have provided the ammunition but the change in direction from our style of play and funding to the players personal lives has been backed up with a campaign never before seen in the British press.

Thinking of scandals in the past including the legendary scandal master himself Sven Goran Eriksson the press just never went to the lengths they are going to now, not even David Beckham when caught playing away from home faced so much negative condemnation that Terry and Cole have.

One thing that is now certain is that the British press will now see this campaign against us right to the end of the Premiership season.

Whether they will continue it on to the world cup finals depends I suppose on if their campaign is successful or not, if it is then it probably will continue in to South Africa 2010, if it is has not been successful then chances are they will dig up another reason to undermine a teams chance of success.

Probably be team disharmony or something, whatever it is you can be sure our lads or club will be involved rightly or wrongly.

Simply put, it is now the footballing reality we live in.

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