Michael Essien – Chelsea hate losing!

The Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien is out injured at the moment, but he still felt the pain when he saw his team get knocked out of the Champions League by Jose Mourinho’s Inter Milan.

“Chelsea players and fans are in a privileged position of not suffering too many defeats so it’s always a bitter pill to swallow when we lose games,” he wrote in his blog on the official Chelsea website.

“As players and as a club we work hard to win every game and we tend to win most of them but every so often we lose games like the Inter one and it hurts so much.

“I was on the bench watching the guys work hard to defeat Inter till Eto’o scored. At that moment I could feel the pain and disappointment in the stadium. I could see how hard the players were pushing to try and save the game and as the minutes ticked by I started to get that sinking feeling.

“I watched the highlights of the game on TV the next day and can still remember a little boy crying his eyes out and being consoled by his mum because we had been knocked out again. It’s such an awful feeling and I am sure most Chelsea fans felt the same after the game.

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“As players we are taught and conditioned to overcome such disappointments quickly. It’s not because we don’t care but more importantly we have to move on quickly so it doesn’t affect our next performance. As a player you have to rise above defeat so you are mentally prepared for the next game.”

Chelsea have won every game since then, including the crucial match at Old Trafford, so hopefully there won’t be any more disappointments this season!

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