Michael Essien Injury Latest – "I Cant Wait To Get Involved"

Chelsea midfielder Michael Essien was injured very early on during pre-season, and it is expected that he will be out of action for some time.

Essien suffered injuries to his anterior cruciate ligament and meniscus during pre-season and has had surgery to correct the problem. He has been spending a lot of time recuperating and has been making regular entries on his blogs.

His latest entry reads, “The injury is well-documented so I will not dwell on it, however I can say I have had a good operation on my knee and I am definitely on the mend. My days are filled with physio sessions from 10am to 5pm and it is a gradual process which I am confident will lead to the results I want.”

Essien is no stranger to the Physio room and he went on to add, “I have been here before and know the routine inside out now but it’s still hard work as I hate to watch games on TV. I prefer to be with my team-mates in training and on the field of play, however I know I have to be patient so I can heal properly.

A lot has been made about Essien’s absence and he could be out for the most part of the season. He does not know when he will return and he said, “I have been asked when I am coming back and at this point in time it’s down to how the recovery goes and when I am given the all clear by the medical team. Sorry I can’t be more precise but its too early to give specific dates.”

Chelsea fans will just be hoping that he comes back fit and well. He has not been missed so far with just three games played, but the season is a marathon and not a sprint and there is still plenty of time for Michael Essien to have his say. He certainly hopes so and said, “Our beloved Chelsea team is picking up results and I know that come the end of the season we will be up there with some trophies. I have no doubt about that and I can’t wait to get involved as soon as I am physically able to.”

It must be boring for Michael to be sitting around all day, but at least he could play online bingo in-between watching all the football on the TV!

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