Monday denial – Pato not for sale!

Yesterdays rumour of the imminent transfer of Pato to Chelsea was, as expected, a made-up story from the Sunday papers. I would love to know who these “insiders” are that keep giving false information to the press. Unless of course they are made up by the journalists too.

Anyway, AC Milan have issued an official denial on their website just to set the record straight.

It said: “Regarding rumours concerning Pato released by the British Press, Milan points out and underlines that there are no existing negotiations involving our player, who is not for sale,”

Carlo Ancelotti also decided to deny the rumour. He simply said: “It is not true because Pato is a Milan player,”

“He is a young player and Milan believe a lot in Pato. They sold Kaka and now Pato is an important player for them.”

Not that anyone really believed it anyway!

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