Mourinho gives biggest hint yet of Chelsea return

There have been rumours and reports for quite a while about a possible return to Chelsea of the former manager and fans favourite Jose Mourinho. His main priority recently, however, has been trying towin the Champions League trophy for his current club Real Madrid.

The Spanish champions gave Borussia Dortmund a scare last night, but their second goal came too late and left just minutes to get the goal that would have taken them to the final. Mourinho and Madrid still have the Spanish cup final on May 18th, but thoughts are already turning to next season. Mourinho’s thoughts seem to be turning to Stamford Bridge.

“I know in England I’m loved,” said Mourinho after the game last night.

“I’m loved by the fans. I’m loved by the media that treats me in a fair way, criticising me but giving me credit when I deserve it. I know I’m loved by some clubs, especially one.”

There will be no announcement, at least until after that final, and the Spanish Primera Liga carries on until June 1st, but it seems ever more likely that Mourinho will soon be back with the Blues. Our Premier League rivals should beware, because the Special One is coming!

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  1. Ade Sam says

    I cn’t wait 2 see the special one back in my blue army team. Waoo epk wil be bmb shell nxt sson.

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