Mourinho Working Hard To Secure Cuadrado's Signing

Chelsea already boast of one of the strongest squad even if not the strongest in the EPL, and now reports are out that Chelsea are about to secure the signing of Colombian international and Fiorentina winger Juan Cuadrado. Looks like the deal can’t wait anymore as Mourinho is reportedly interested in pushing it forward in order to make his already strong squad more formidable.

However, the manager may need to ship out a player or two from his squad in order to accommodate the Colombian who was in spectacular form during the last FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Reports are rife in the media that Cuadrado’s agent was in London on Wednesday to discuss the possibility of a move to London. Now this would represent a massive message of intent and further reinforce the belief held by a lot of people that Chelsea are the uncrowned EPL Champions.

Chelsea already boast of players like Fabregas, Hazard, Costa, and the likes; adding Cuadrado to that squad will further make the team stronger.

Chelsea have a knack for getting transfers like this done and over the line regardless of how much is needed to get the player or the number of clubs interested in signing the same player, and that is why yours truly believes we can as well just consider this one a done deal – Mourinho gets what he wants most of the time. The manager is already making plans to sell or loan out Schurle and Salah, which will create space for the signing of the Fiorentina player.

£26.8million which is also the player’s buy-out clause is the fee being negotiated with the Italian club according to reports; the amount of money to be spent is very unlikely to pose any problem for the Blues as long as Schurrle and Salah can find clubs to sign them.

Italian club Roma have agreed to pay the £43,000 weekly wages of Salah, which leaving us with Schurrle, and hopefully his agent can find him a club soon.

Reports also claim Wolfsburg is willing to pay £23million for Schurrle, which gives further credence to the rumours linking Cuadrado to Chelsea.

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