Neil Lennon – Braga won't be easy, but Celtic should come through

The Celtic manager Neil Lennon is not too upset about having to play Portugal’s Braga in the Champions League Qualifiers, but admits that they are unlikely to be pushovers. He thinks there are a few factors that have worked in Celtic’s favour: “They had a decent run in the UEFA Cup in the last few years and had some decent results,” Lennon said.

“They are a very attack-minded team, score a lot of goals and are technically very good.

“And they finished second in the Portuguese league, which is probably their best finish ever, so they will be full of confidence.

“I know they have a new coach and have brought in a quite a few new players, so we will be working in the background trying to get as much information on them as we can.

“But I think it’s a decent draw for us as well. No matter who you get at this stage – we were unseeded, so they were in the seeded group – they are going to be a quality team.

“Logistically, it’s okay as it’s only a two-hour flight and that will work in our favour.

“And the fact that it’s away first, I am pleased about as well, so we will go over there and try to get a decent result.”

The season is fast approaching with the first Champions League Qualifier to be played next week. The Celtic players had better get up to speed fast!

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