Neymar – I'll be ready for Chelsea next summer

The young Brazilian footballing genius Neymar has admitted that he was not ready this summer to move to Stamford Bridge, but he believes that if he wants to play at the very pinnacle of world football then he will just have to move to Chelsea next year.

Neymar said: “To play for Chelsea would be an honour. Everything they have to offer is attractive to me.

“They have big players, they are in big competitions, they have a strong squad and I like the way they play.

“Top players want to be part of something like that. I’m no different. But I’m happy at Santos.

“If I left, it wouldn’t be because Santos isn’t a good place to be but only because the Premier League is a higher level.

“It wasn’t the right time for me to go in the summer but I will be much better prepared for it by next year.”

Neymar, who scored on his Brazil debut in August, added: “A player with a winning mentality like I have has to play in the best places like Chelsea.

“I want to go where I can become a world-class player. I have ambitions to be the best player in the world.”

He had better calm down his temper and his partying if he really wants to be a success at Chelsea. He may be top of the pile at Santos, but he will have to be a real athlete if he wants to force his way into the Chelsea team…..

  1. pannet frimpong says

    i thnk naymer is a very fantastic player.havn him is a gud idea.

  2. michael says

    it a 9ice from him

  3. northside says

    vintage chelsea.
    how about you develop your own talent for once? how does that sound? you are a joke of a club, i have no respect for anything you win because of a russian’s cheque book, not because you’re a great club.

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