Pato would not rule out Chelsea move

Pato - Ancelotti is a father-figure
Pato - Ancelotti is a father-figure

The young AC Milan striker Alexandre Pato has said in an interview that he loved working with his “father-figure” Carlo Ancelotti, and he wouldn’t rule out joining up with him again in the future, and would also like to work in England at some pount in his career.

Pato said: “It might happen, it might not. I’m fascinated by football in England and Spain. I love the colour and enthusiasm for the game in those countries and they have so many players that I rate as world-class. I have to admit I love travelling and enjoying new experiences.

“I can’t deny I had a great relationship with Ancelotti when he was Milan coach. He is a wise man and showed this by winning everything in football as a player and a coach. He is someone who brings the best out of every player he comes into contact with. He was a father-figure to me.”

The young Brazilian is already a star at 18 years-old, has a long brilliant career ahead of him. It would be great to see him at Stamford Bridge at some time in the future.

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