Petr Cech – Chelsea have the experience to win everything!

Peter Cech is countering accusations that the Chelsea squad it too old and that they are no longer capable of reaching their previous heights. New manager Villas-Boas is thought to want to get rid of some of the older players in order to bring the average age down.

However Cech isn’t of that opinion. Speaking to TalkSport Radio he said: “I don’t think we are an old squad, we still have young players. We have a few players who have reached 30-years-old but I think a player that reaches 31 or 32 is not an old player”.

He continued: “Age is not a limit it is the quality. Van der Sar was 40 and you could see how well he could play. I don’t think it is about age, it is about how players play if they keep fit and continue to deliver the performances”.

In fact he sees it as a positive thing, saying: “We have a lot of experience and it can be to our advantage”.

Cech said that despite what is thought, there is no specific target for any particular trophy. He said: “The motivation is to win as many trophies as we can. Throughout the season you can’t choose the competition because you never know what can happen in football. We will try to go and win everything and we will see what the outcome is at the end of the season”.

It is generally thought that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich wants to win the Champions League above all else and that any manager that wants to stay on at Stamford Bridge for more than a couple of seasons has to show the potential of being able to win it.

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  1. fsammy says

    Dts not totally true,hes just tryin 2 defend his teammates,d experience is there bt d pace,agility & strength 2 display d inner skills is lacking.its true we need xperience bt wat of creativity,none of our 30yrs & above players can be d ryan giggs of bridge.retain some bt sell many of them.blues 4 life

  2. lawson p says

    i did not support peter cech. Its really trying 2 defend its team mate that will never help the team.old players without no creativity are not players please new boss do away with them

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