Petr Cech – It was just one of those days!

The Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech thinks that the three goals conceded against Everton was just down to being unlucky and having everything go against you. An unusual bad day at the office!

“We were really unlucky not to have won the game because we played well, we controlled the game and scored three brilliant goals, and we were really unlucky to concede goals. This is one of those days,” said Cech after the game.

“The first goal deflected off the post to me and goes in and this is something you can’t control. The second goal, which was after the throw-in, maybe we had a few chances to clear but there were so many moments in the game when we had a body behind it and when they shot, it rebounded straight for their players.

“With Didier’s clearance before Everton’s third goal the opponent is standing a few yards in front and it hits him and goes over the defender and the goalkeeper standing on the line. So this is an unlucky exception and we have to forget about it.”

“I think for the last goal we dropped too early too deep which allowed them to put much pressure on us, and if your defensive line is too deep and the ball is hit well then the goalkeeper can’t come and claim it – and that is mistake. Although we were unlucky, we should have been higher in our defensive line for that free-kick. We know about that so we just need to make it better next time.

“In the defensive line you have everyone so it was a collective mistake.”

So does he think that this “unlucky” run will affect the teams confidence going into future games?

“When for the first time you concede a goal at home since the start of the season, it would be a bit strange if you lose your confidence. The Everton game was one of those games when there were things we couldn’t control that went a little bit against us. We just need to make sure that on Wednesday we go back to a clean sheet and getting three points.”

The next three games are against Portsmouth, West Ham and Birmingham, and will give the team a chance to regain confidence and go back into a winning run before they lose the players that are going to Africa.


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