Petr Cech – This is exactly why Chelsea are not winning games…

The Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech has seen his team go six games in the Premiership without a win, and he says that it is down to the team making the “wrong choices” and generally not getting the luck that they are used to!

Cech said: “We can’t find the same rhythm and are making wrong choices so you can see that we are making lots of wrong passes,” he added.

“Every time we attack we are offside and are making mistakes too in the defensive third.

“This is exactly the reason why we are not winning games.

“The results have been bad over the last month and we have found ourselves in a circle.

“We made a mistake, we get punished and we don’t score goals.

“This is the kind of period that sometimes you get in sport and it’s up to us to overcome it.

“We will try to find a solution and keep working.

“We are not throwing the towel in yet because we know everything can change fast.

“But we know as well that if we keep going like this then we will have a bigger disappointment in terms of chasing the title.

“The gap has started to open now and we get the points tonight and kick on the season from there.

“We just need to have one game where you get a bit of luck to win a game and suddenly everything changes.

“But we’ve not had that luck for quite a time and we’ve been unlucky.

“But we didn’t deserve the result at Arsenal and so we need to make sure we play better next time.”

Yes Petr we definitely need to get a result against Bolton. As soon as a win comes hopefully the confidence will come back with it……

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