Petr Cech – We musn't lose focus!

The Chelsea keeper Petr Cech feels that Chelsea are in danger of being too relaxed after winning the Premiership last weekend. The danger is that Portsmouth have no pressure and can just go out and enjoy themselves, but Chelsea may have a false sense of security and relax just a little too much.

Cech said: “In Cup finals like this, you have to play for your life.

“If you win, it is the greatest feeling. But if you lose, it is terrible – a disaster. And I don’t want a disaster at Wembley.

“OK we may be favourites but all the pressure will be on us.

“So we must not take anything for granted because there are big dangers here for us.”

“Our first big target, the league, has already been won and the worry is that you relax, lose your focus and think you have done it.

“I remember when I won my first FA Cup in 2007. In the last game of the season, Manchester United had won the league and I said that this might be our chance, they might relax in the final.

“Because it is always hard to concentrate again after such a major achievement – it is hard to go again the next week. I was right. We won the game and we lifted the Cup.

“So we have to remember that United game and make sure we don’t make the same mistake.”

“Another danger for us is that Portsmouth will really go for it. They have had a nightmare season but the Cup has been their escape from it.

“It is a miracle they are even in the final considering the season they have had with all their off-field problems.

“They are under no pressure, they have nothing to lose.

“If they are beaten 6-0 no one will criticise them, people will shrug and say, ‘Just getting to the final was amazing for them and they were playing the champions’.

“And if they should win the ‘miracle’ becomes even bigger, even greater.

“They are actually a good team – without all their troubles I think they would have finished comfortably in mid-table.

“But instead they find themselves relegated.

“So they go to Wembley playing for their futures knowing this final could be their lifeline.

“They will think if they play well and win the Cup they might not be playing at Portsmouth in the Championship next season. They will be noticed and move on to a club in the Premier League.

“So they will forget about all the troubles and enjoy themselves knowing this is a one-off game and anything can happen.”

“We can’t afford to let that happen.

“Believe me, we are under incredible pressure to win this final.

“For us it’s not just about being a part of the great day that is the FA Cup final.

“We want to win. We are the holders and we are desperate to defend our trophy.

“That is the challenge, that is the expectation at a big club like Chelsea.

“We must be hungry for more success. I know I am.

“I have won the league now three times, I have won the FA Cup twice and hopefully this will be the third time.

“But I have never done the Double. And that’s what makes this final so special for me, for all of us. It’s our chance to make history.”

Well said Petr. Just concentrate for another 90 minutes and we will have Chelsea’s most successful season ever under our belts!

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