Pirlo worth 35m euros LOL!

In what is possibly the shortest football article ever in todays Sun, they report that AC Milan have turned down a (fictitious!) offer from Chelsea for Andrea Pirlo.

The report IN FULL said: CHELSEA have failed in a bid to sign AC Milan midfielder Andrea Pirlo.
The Italian club turned down the offer of £12.5million, plus Claudio Pizarro.

A Milan insider said: “He’s worth £35m.”

The writers for the Sun nowadays must have been told to fill an extra inch of column space to write such rubbish. I could have made up ten stories that like in five minutes if i was paid those wages.

A: Chelsea have so many midfielders that any more coming in would have to be given a seperate dressing room!

B: I don’t care how good he is, no 30-year-old is worth 35m euros, unless its Frank Lampard!

C: Chelsea are supposed to be bringing DOWN the average age of their players, not pushing it up further.

d: Pizarro had a great season for Werder Bremen last year, and is worth MORE than Pirlo right now.

I suppose their are not many real stories around today, but if the Sun is going to invent stories, they could at least make them semi-believable!

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