Porto coach Jesualdo Ferreira promises to attack Chelsea

The Porto coach Jesualdo Ferreira has vowed that his team will not change their attacking style when they face Chelsea at Stamford Bridge tonight.

“We always keep our style of play because we have a very strong team and we have to play the way we know, the way we are used to,” said Jesualdo.

“We haven’t come here to show anything different, we want to keep our own identity.

“Tomorrow we are going to play to win, we are going to play our attacking game, and after that we can see where we go from there.

“Our intention here is to work hard and then evaluate to see what we can do to improve.”

Porto have finished top of their Champions League group for the last two seasons, but could not beat Arsenal last season, or Liverpool the season before, and Ferreira is hopeful that they can start beating English teams soon, having failed on the 13 previous occasions they have come to England.

“In the last two seasons Porto won the first place in their group, although we didn’t start well,” he said.

“I don’t know why Porto doesn’t win against English teams, I am sure we will soon and I hope it’s under my management, but I have no reason why. Maybe the English teams are stronger than Porto on the day.”

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