Resurgent Deco loving life under Ancelotti

The Chelsea and Portugal international midfielder Deco was extremely unhappy at Stamford Bridge last season, and during the summer he practically begged to be allowed to join Jose Mourinho at Inter Milan, but what a change under Ancelotti!

He has played in both Chelsea’s games and scored a brilliant goal against Sunderland on Tuesday, and he certainly knows who to thank for his return to the Chelsea fold., Carlo Ancelotti, and his new diamond formation.

The system is good because we have more possession and have the ball all the time,” Deco said.

“We have four in midfield and we can play better than when we had the three. When we defend it’s more difficult because we have to go both sides, but to play in it is fantastic.

“I know, if I am fit and well, I can play. I just want to help the team and I think the coach trusts and believes in me. I am enjoying playing under him.”

Ancelotti himself seems to have given the team confidence, and was quite clear when responding to rumours that had suggested that Deco could still leave before the transfer window ended. He said: “Deco does not want to go, and we do not want him to,”.

“He is working very well now, he is very motivated to play and this is a very important season for him before the World Cup, and he played very well, both for him and for the team.

“The motivation for everyone arrived because we want to do the best, not only for me, but it’s the same for the players and the club. We want to do the best work, improve and be the best.”

Ancelotti’s biggest problem will be keeping all the stars happy, and rotating the side is fine for now, but even that may upset some of the team. Will he have to make a concrete decision one day and risk upsetting the apple cart?

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