REVEALED – The Big Role Eva Carneiro Played In Jose Mourinho Sack

Eva CarneiroFollowing Jose Mourinho’s sacking Chelsea players went into the Sunderland game firing in all cylinders as they crushed aside Sunderland in a 3-1 victory on Saturday.

By the end of the first half Chelsea were already 2 goals up, which proves one fact that the players revolted against Jose Mourinho. For whatsoever the reason was is still a misery but it is rumored that the doctor’s saga was behind the whole escapade.

Before Jose Mourinho’s sacking, it was speculated that Cesc Fabregas, Eden Hazard and Diego Costa were reportedly involved in a training burst up which isn’t far from the truth as bleacher report confirmed that it was Cesc Fabregas and Eden Hazard that led the revolt against the Portuguese boss.

It has to be said the players over stepped, they refused to play for the Portuguese tactician again to reasons best known to them. Both Hazard, Fabregas and Costa have   exhibited some for discontent at various stages this season.

Take foreign stance when costa threw his bib at mourinho when he realized he wasn’t going to feature in the game, or when hazard signaled to be substituted in the Leicester city game a match that made the Portuguese manager accept his faith and admit his players betrayed him. Fabregas has been in and out of the bench following a string of disappointing displays, and even though he denied reports of a dressing room uprising he was close to the former Chelsea medical staff (Eva Carneiro).

It is safe to say that the aforementioned Chelsea stars were protesting Mourinho’s decision to demote and criticize Eva Carniero’s.

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