Ribery to force Bayern Munich to sell him to Chelsea?

The Times has just reported that the French international midfielder Franck Ribery has decided that he has had enough of playing in Germany, and is going to force the club to sell him to a Premiership side, with Chelsea looking to be the likely destination.

There have been intermittent reports over the last few weeks that Chelsea are still chasing their “marquee signing”, but with Bayern Munich putting a ridiculous price on the Frenchman’s head, it looked like he was going to stay in Munich for one more year.

They also say that Man Utd are a little interested, but much more concentrated on Sergio Aguero and David Silva. This speculation is all the more confusing as Alex Ferguson has said that he will NOT be buying anyone else this summer!

I would have to say again that i find it very hard to believe that Chelsea are looking for another midfielder, but as most of the rumours have surrounded Pirlo i suppose it is possible. Though i still can’t see why?

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