Rosicky – "If Chelsea get a chance, they kill you!"

The Arsenal midfielder Thomas Rosicky is still bleating about how Arsenal were “unlucky” in the 2-0 loss at Stamford Bridge a few weeks ago, after missing a few chances during the game.

He doesn’t mention that Chelsea also missed a couple of easy chances too which could have made it an even more embarrassing result!

Arsenal did take their chances this midweek against Shakhtar in the Champions League, but he now wants them to play the same against Man City this weekend.

“Taking our chances is what we were missing, for example, against Chelsea,” said Rosicky. “If Chelsea have one chance, they kill you immediately, so I’m happy we are capable of doing that as well.

“That’s the difference. If Chelsea get a chance, they score. We had three chances and we didn’t take them at Stamford Bridge, so it’s about being productive and I’m happy that we showed we could against Shakhtar. But it’s about showing it in the Premier League as well.

“Shakhtar was a kind of game when we were clinical in front of the goal. We were very productive today. Almost every chance we got, we scored.

“What we started here, we need to stick to that. There’s no point in changing something. Look at how many chances we got at Chelsea.”

I actually hope that Arsenal DO get a result against Man City so the Blues can move even further ahead in the League. Come on you Gunners!

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