Samir Nasri or Luka Modric? You Decide

There were reports in the press at the weekend suggesting that Chelsea were about to put in a bid for Arsenal midfielder Samir Nasri, because they were becoming increasingly frustrated in their attempts to buy Luka Modric.

Who would you prefer to see in a Chelsea shirt, Nasri? Modric? Both of them even? We have put together a little list of stats to compare the two.

In the last three years Nasri has scored 27 goals in all competitions for Arsenal, which when you compare that with the 12 scored by Modric is hugely in favour of the Frenchman.

When it comes to playing time Nasri has played 124 games for Arsenal, compared with Modrics’ 118 for Spurs. So both can keep themselves fit and relatively free from injury.

Modric would cost Chelsea in the region of £35million, while Nasri would be at least £10million cheaper, as Arsenal have already told Manchester City they can have him if they stump up the required amount.

Creative players, whether forwards or midfielders do not come cheap. Sergio Aguero cost Manchester City £38million, but look what he did last night in 30 minutes. Some people will say it was only Swansea City, but when he came on the pitch he gave the whole crowd a lift and every time he touched the ball they expected something to happen.

Whether it be Nasri or Modric, or even both, Chelsea are crying out for this type of player. Last night may have gone some way in persuading Roman Abramovich that now is the time to get the cheque book out no matter how much it costs, because if he doesn’t Chelsea will be left behind the two Manchester clubs even at this early stage of the season.

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  1. fredrick says

    I Would prefer getting two play makers since Barca has more than five of them.

  2. lampsy says

    i would have both

  3. adewale says

    i will prefer sami nasir than modric

  4. august says

    I would take Nasri

  5. majid says

    i would takr marko matin under 20 germany sensation…..

  6. Wizzyblack says

    Signing both player is not too much for Chelsea. Both are quality and exciting player. AVB pls go for both player.

  7. Matt says

    Nasari every time. By far a better player and £10million cheaper. No contest.

  8. Simon Amstell says

    We could use both well, Nasri is no stranger to playing on the left which may help solve or width problem as well as our creativity problem if we took modric

  9. Moe says

    Both be the same amount as Torres was 50 mill narsi for malouda

  10. adam says

    I think going for both of them is not too much for chelsea. both of them are important now that the premiership is advancing everyday. the likes of Manchester United,Man City and even Liverpool are contesting seriously for the premiership title. so, the two of them is important, please. buy them now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  11. watever says

    i think we should get both!!

  12. ibe chris says

    To me, chelsea should go for both players….

  13. Sani yakubu says

    Take nasri leave modric, go to neymar,mata or hazard we can become unbeatable team.

  14. Paul says


  15. Paul says


  16. Kkrozbi says

    It just has to be Nasri, he would suit our team more with his bigger physical presence and his versatility – for once Chelsea need to look at the cheaper option!
    Look what happened last time we converted a Gooner to Stamford Bridge, he became one of the best left backs we’ve ever had.
    Nasri is a wasted talent at Arsenal, and for 22 million, its a steal – the Yids can keep Modric!

  17. Chigozie says

    Pls roma abrumch pls give us the 2 guys pls coch nasrri and modric so that wil get champshp the 2 guys is d premier laug mifd

  18. mjob says

    pls AVB go 4 modric we have waitting 4 long 4 luka if chelsea ture nasri it can cost damage 4 them just like pastore own

  19. mjob says

    i would prefer luka modric than samir Nasri bcos we have been waiting 4 long term tranfer news about luka modric so AVB pls we need modric

  20. niyi says

    both. i think nasri can play on the wing and modric in midfield we are ok

  21. Tunde kayode says

    AVB should please fight for modric

  22. Tunde kayode says

    AVB should please fight for modric or both

  23. mayo says

    ill go for nasri, u already ave does who can play like modric, we just need one or two player who can take opponents on from the flank like adam johnson did last night

  24. slickcva says

    i wood take nasri, younger and proven midfielder…

  25. valentine okolo says

    i just love nasri he is wonderful and stil young nd can score goals wel well,modric he a very good cretivity player 2 yes since we brout out 50m 4 fenado t y nt bring out desame 4 de bot now nd chelsea wil be 1darful 4real. Stil valentino 4 u

  26. Jay says

    Nasri. Cheaper, younger, more versatile so wouldn’t get in the way of Josh’s development. Then we could look to get Neymar to rip apart a defence all on his own. With those two players and the completion of the Lukaku deal we’d have an amazing team for now and the future.

  27. Snoopz says

    Plz take Nasri,Neymar 4 dat matter as in neymar costs a little more than Modric n he is much effective than modric. So go 4 both Nasri n Neymar

  28. OKEZIE says

    Am a full time chelsea fan, please Both samir Nasri and Luka Modric, will be best.

  29. Chelsea fren says

    We need to offload our 3 current players in Malouda , kalou and benayoun.
    And get us , Nasri , neymar and Hazard .

  30. Nzube says

    I suggest we go for both of them, please Boas do it for me.

  31. jj says

    Go for both, Modric is a solid player he can pass to anywhere and his vision is top class. Nasri is skillful and has great pace and his ability to make chances for himself and other players is immense. I personally think buying both would be fantastic business for Chelsea.

  32. Ejezie Nzube says

    both are top player so AVb pls we need Nasri and Modric then offload benayoun.. Pls do this deal for the sake of fans and entire chelseafc.

  33. Timlos says

    Chelsea need fear factor back…….NEYMAR….NASRI….HARZAD…..otherwise its….byeeeeee.

  34. muzeh says

    i love both players, but lets not lose out of both atleast 1 should be a chelsea player. Pls kalou should be offloaded.

  35. Phil says

    If Levy is proving stuborn, go for Nasri and Neymar, then AVB will turn us to the next Baca.

  36. POM says

    But Mr. AVB when will complete assesing the team and do something great ?? Do u know transfer market is open now ?

  37. daddy sahon rami nigeria says

    Pls AVB go 4 both of them so dat we can offload anelka malouda and kalou so dat we can change to 4 5 1 formation pls do dat 4 our sake bcos we will be ashame 2 ordes are scoring we are losing.

  38. Frank says

    Pls Avb.we need three players after dat just lock up.NASRI -NEYMAR-HAZARD.pleeeesss!!! .

  39. seun sowande says

    If both nasri $modric signing could be possible it will b more flair$ strong as long as midfield role is concern

  40. soludo monde says

    Roman has done well for chelsea and for my happiness as a fan. Modric for ceativity and nasri for width just like xavi and iniesta. Up chelsea!

  41. Gary says

    Man City has certainly found a new bag of tricks in Aguero. The moment he hit the pitch yesterday everything changed. While Chelsea is bogged down with more of the same; City has proof that one specialized player can make the difference. So what’s the answer for Chelsea? We need someone who plays wide as a winger, but can also cut in and unlock defences. Someone who can provide a final killer pass but is accurate when called on to shoot. AVB; it’s obvious; we are talking about Neymar.

  42. Flekzyboi(blues 4 life) says

    Chelsea shuld get them both,if roman nd boas wants us 2 challenge for the four competition.wenger is kalou’s fan nd have tried 2 sign him before so kalou + 12 mil will be enough 2 get nasri nd 25 mil + malouda will also be enough 2 get modric or sneldier.if roman can buy torres with 50 mil,i believe he can also buy this two guys.

  43. john says

    both. if they give malouda and cash 4 nasri, and buy modric there lineup improve immensely. neymar wud b sick 2 and if they get nasri, anelka or kalou or both NEED 2 go. wud look like this:



    Cole, Terry, Luiz/Ivanovic/Alex, Bosingwa/Ferreira



  44. lithuanian cfc says

    bot because nasri plays as a left wing or right wing and modric as a central mid so take both because kalou is not performing as well as he could so we need nasri and also the should go for neymar this are the 3 players they should buy

  45. NEIL says

    CHELSEA TILL I DIE………………….

  46. Monasty says

    Chelsea had better go for duo’s because they are creative and talented if possible go for neymar or wesley for modric.up chelsea

  47. G-Host says

    Guys, what do we need Neymar for? Waste of money. Pls, I will consider Nasri first as he is more versatile than Modric. Then get Hazard as he is available for about 26m pounds. Sell Malouda and Anelka (they are occupying space in the club).

  48. Steve says

    It’s a waste of tome debating Nasri, he will be a City player tomorrow

  49. seyi'desmondadonis says

    i think chelsea need the duo of them..if both can be signed and benayoun,malouda,kalou are to be sold..then chelsea have a chance at the top.

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