Santos – Chelsea refuse to pay our price for Neymar

Chelsea have told Brazilian club Santos that £45 million is too much for Neymar. The 19-year-old scored one of the goals in his club’s win over Penarol on Wednesday to help his club win the Copa Libertadores.

Neymar is being courted by both the Blues and Jose Mourinho’s Real Madrid. However both clubs seem somewhat hesitant to pay such a high transfer fee for such a young player, even such a talented one.

Santos wanted to delay any negotiations until after the final and Madrid and Chelsea are now meeting with Santos officials to discuss a possible transfer. According to the Express an initial offer from Chelsea of £30 million has been turned down. A source said: “Chelsea want Neymar very much, but they will not pay the £45m Santos want”.

Meanwhile Santos president Luis Ribeiro stated: “Neymar is not for sale. We intend to commit him to Brazil for 15 years”. Although it seems his only intent is to drive Neymar’s price tag up.

Earlier this week TalkSport Radio reported that that Neymar may sign a six year deal with Madrid worth £26.75 million and that the transfer fee could be as high as £40 million. But so far no deal has been confirmed.

  1. Bluekid says

    He’s an over priced lad

  2. Deyvid says

    He is a tadbit overpriced but it tink he is worth about 30 million

  3. Bombay says

    45pounds is Too Much For his age and also Over Rated…

  4. Da Silva Ibrahim says

    Neymar is good but he can never achieve playing in Brazilian League, Chelsea should forgot of him and focused Wesley Sneijder and other upcoming talent like Eden Hazard who can do much better Neymar Playing in Brazil. Chelsea should never take that risk and sign this boy above 30m or Chelsea will be names Vision less Team. Go Roman ! Go Blues !

  5. asondgreat says

    his price tag is too much. He should even remain in brazil for the rest of his entire life . His qualities ‘ll soon start decreasing and his value reduce to zero.

  6. Wole says

    Too much. Wats d probability he wont flop wen he arrives england

  7. Da Silva Ibrahim says

    Chelsea should never take that Risk, Neymar is never a worth of the even 30m not to talk about amount they demand for him though He plays better, Chelsea should look at Javier Hernandez results and He was not even a worth 10m but He prove very good his first season at Man.United, we should also look for upcoming talent with a reasonable Price like Eden Hazard and stay away from Santos Mysteries ever in football History…Go Chelsea Go Roman!

  8. sam says

    30m is already too much, he ‘ll be the next SWP who was also well known as a pacy and dribbler. I suggest we should buy sanchez and aguero / hulk

  9. Gary says

    Neymar’s agent, Ribeiro, recently said Neymar needs to play in Europe to become the best. This is good evidence that he feels Neymar must leave Santos. Ribeiro also spoke of Madrid because he would like to start a bidding war between Chelsea and them so Neymar goes at a higher price. It’s unlikely that Real Madrid will pay more than Chelsea; they don’t have the same spending power. And even if they could out bid Chelsea, Neymar would be overshadowed by Ronaldo. Neymar needs to be in a team where he can make his own mark. Chelsea is his best option, let’s hope Chelsea make Neymar another offer, otherwise the price on his head could keep him at Santos a long time. Neymar has the potential to impact the English Premiership like Messi impacted La Liga. The crucial thing is this: does Neymar have enough ambition to leave Brazil; or will he end up another Brazilian statistic?

  10. Foggy says

    30mil with addons is good.
    If not, then Arda (16) and Willian(14). Two for the price of one.
    Plus Modric (27) and Vanderweil (13). Some width and creativity.

    Zhirkov. 9m
    Bosingwa 8m
    Malouda 10m
    Anelka 5m

  11. franklin says

    yes 45 million pounds is very expensive for an unproven player in europe but chelsea should not miss neymar signature because am pretty sure he going to be rated as the best footballer in the world. I suggest that chelsea should please try all their possible best to deliver 40 million pounds to chelsea agent pini zahavi to get this future youngster. chelsea, SIR Roman Abramovic, Pini Zahavi go and get neymar because fans are really waiting… GOODLUCK

  12. Gary says

    NEYMAR (creative, tricky, striker/midfielder) for Anelka or Malouda
    MODRIC (creative playmaker) for Essien or Benayoun
    VAN DE WIEL (tricky, fast, right wingback) for Bosingwa or Ferreira
    SUBOTIC (6ft3 goal scoring central defender) phased in slowly for Terry
    I would rather spend 45m on Neymar than 50m on Torres.

  13. habtom says


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