Sevilla admit Chelsea interest in Luis Fabiano

Fabiano wanted by Chelsea?
Fabiano wanted by Chelsea?

It seems that Chelsea are on the trail of the Sevilla striker Luis Fabiano, according to their head coach Manolo Jimenez, and he is worried by their interest, but he thinks that Fabiano will be concentrating on playing for Sevilla.

Jimenez said: “I worry about the interest of Chelsea, but I don’t worry about what Luis Fabiano thinks.

“He is a great guy and I have no doubt that he thinks only of Sevilla.

“The problem is for Chelsea and all the other teams in Europe because Luis Fabiano plays for Sevilla.

“Our desire is that he stays in Sevilla for his whole career.”

Fabiano is a highly talented Brazilian international and has a great record of 64 goals in 147 appearances in his four years at Sevilla.

He came close to joining AC Milan last summer, but Sevilla put too big a price on his head for the Italian giants. Fabiano indicated that he is interested in moving on when he said: “Other opportunities will come. My contract is running out and, in time, will facilitate my exit. A player has to seize opportunities.”

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