Shevchenko staying for a years holiday on £130,000 a week!

The ex-star Andriy Shevchenko has turned down the chance to move back to Russia with his old club Dynamo Kiev, which has basically signalled his retirement from football.

Shevchenko is vastly over paid at £130,000 a week and has cost Chelsea over £1m for each game he has played in at the club, and it seems they are still going to be paying him for another year.

He has no hope of getting a game this season, unless Anelka, Drogba, Sturridge, Joe Cole and Salomon Kalou are all injured at the same time, or if Chelsea play a League Two team in the Carling Cup!

So by giving up the chance to return to Russia he is saying that he is going to stay in London for a years holiday and get £6.7m for doing it. It’s a hard life for some.

“I still have a year left on my contract with Chelsea and I want to stay in London until it expires,” Shevchenko told the Daily Star.

“Only God knows what’s going to happen then.”

I’ll tell you what will happen then. He will retire in luxury knowing that he has made a fortune from Chelsea for doing nothing!

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