Should Chelsea Sell Oscar And Willian In January?

The Brazilian flair is an age long attraction in bringing the South Americans to Europe. They are supposedly fast, skilful, and unpredictable in the way they played football. The world cup they won in Japan raised their profile, and prices for Brazilian players rose to an all time high. However as their success in international competitions decreased, Brazil became much more in need of players who did more than just pick a good pass and an amazing dribbling.

This brought about the era of hardworking and workaholic Brazilians in both the National team and in Europe. Amongst this new type of Brazilian players are Chelsea’s attacking midfielders Oscar and Willian, who are considered amongst the most industrious players in the English Premiership.

It is the norm in football, that after every few years, a new skilful player emerges and dazzles the world. Making clubs lust after their eye catching ability, while attempting to dispose of less glamorous players.

However, what a lot European clubs fail to understand is that football has evolved over the years into a less entertaining and more responsible game. In today’s football, no player plays just one role anymore. For instance, a right winger or even a full back has to be both an attacker and a defender. When a right back defends, he‘s right winger has to fall back and help him out because the other teams left back is sure to overlap and provide a passing option to his own attacking teammate and vice versa. In a situation where an attacking player is too lazy to defend, the other team is sure to take advantage by overloading his flank. Even playmakers in the No. 10 position have to do their defensive duty, as gone are the days were their only job is to give the final pass. They have to put pressure on the defensive anchor man, in other to stop him recycling possession.

Willian and Oscar are players who are capable of playing the role of two players. Oscar has redefined his playmaking role by becoming a box to box playmaker, while Willian is known for being the premier League’s best defensive winger.

At the end of the day, having a player like Eden Hazard that rarely defends, is a luxury. This was proven the case in Chelsea’s semi-final show down against Atletico Madrid, were Eden lost his full back Juan Fran, who ended up assisting the Spanish side’s equalizer. This got him some criticism from Mourinho who accused him of not ‘…laying his life for his full back’.

Chelsea’s boss is regarded as arguably the best manager in the world. He ousted Juan Mata for not having the Stamina and work rate needed to play in his team. It is not inconceivable, that Eden Hazard may go the same way. The Portuguese has always preferred players like Ramires, Willian and Oscar, who are dynamic and hardworking. He’s team selections have adequately shown that.

It is for being exceptional, hardworking and un-Brazilian in their way of play, which makes these players Mourinho’s favorite pets. As long as the special one is at Chelsea, they will not leave the Blues.

  1. rich says

    sell oscar keep willian

  2. Wisdom kumwenda says



    dont allow oscar and willian to go pliz

  4. yemiyezi says

    Keep 2 of them 4 future use

  5. Oji Chidiogo says

    No they should stay

  6. skilo says

    You people are mad for thinking of selling Oscar maybe u don’t watch match, I don’t kno instead of selling schurrle nd ramires u say u wanna sell Oscar nd William foolish transfer…… Wu hep u against Leicester City? Is it not Oscar? U only see d person dat score nd d person dat do assist dat very fool of u.. Don’t tink abt selling Oscar cos dat a wrong transfer..

  7. Lofty Ekam says

    those guys are good,for the club should only bring that deffender(17yr old boy) to asist papa Terry thats all,and the squard is formidable and fortified.’CHELSEA forever’

  8. absalo says

    oscar is a very much important for chelsea pls he must stay for ever if u sell him chelsea will sufer alot

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