Sky Sports Rules!

Since the rebranding of England’s top division from the First Division to the Premier League in 1992 there have been countless moments in matches that will go be remembered under the category of “unforgettable”. Whether they be dramatic or beautiful goals, last ditch tackles or spectacular outbursts from some of football’s, shall we say, more interesting individuals; the drama and passion of football has been played out over and over again.

With legendary players such as Alan Shearer, Gianfranco Zola, Tony Adams and Cristiano Ronaldo gracing the field during this period, there have been few boring moments. One thing that has been a constant over the past two decades of footballing excellence has been the presence of Sky broadcasting your favourite team’s matches. Over the years Sky Sports and the sides of the Premier League have brought into our homes some genuinely iconic moments and here are a few of them to remember.

Who, for instance, could forget the thrilling match between Liverpool and Newcastle United on 3rd April 1996? In this incredible match (voted match of the decade by Premier League fans) Newcastle first went 1-0 down before going on to lead 2-1 and 3-2 before ultimately conceding a last minute winner to Liverpool’s forward Stan Collymore, heart breaking stuff for Newcastle fans who were in the middle of a run which saw Manchester United claw back a 12 point deficit and take the league title from their grasp.

The events of this title battle, including Kevin Keegan’s famous implosion on live TV and, of course, Alex Ferguson’s stony poker face throughout the whole title run, were shown on Sky Sports and enjoyed by millions. With other highlights including Dennis Bergkamp’s perfect hat trick against Leicester City for Arsenal, Chelsea’s first title for 50 years under Jose Mourinho and Pedro Mendes’ goal that never was against Manchester United goalkeeper Roy Carroll; there could literally be hundreds of moments to pick your favourite from Sky Sports huge library of Premier League moments.

With Sky continuing to show Premier League games there will also be many more of these moments and you can watch loads of live football on Sky as well as being able to bet on it through Sky’s sports betting website Sky Bet. If this isn’t your favourite game there are plenty of others to try, such as Sky Poker, Sky Vegas or Sky Bingo so whatever your tastes are there are plenty of gaming opportunities with Sky both online and on their TV services.

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