Stupid rumour – Chelsea offer Essien in Pirlo deal!

Now this is the winner of the most-ridiculous-rumour award for August, and we are only seven days into the month!

The Italian made-up gossip mag Corriere Dello Sport published a story saying that Chelsea had offered Essien to AC Milan to tempt them to part with Andrea Pirlo, despite the club saying that he wasn’t for sale, and the player stating that he wanted to end his career at Milan.

To try and get a quote to make the story more believable, the Corrier then went to Adriano Galliani, and asked him what he thought of the rumour. He answered quite rightly with a question. “Chelsea have raised their offer by adding Essien?” he said.

Then he continued, quite rightly, by saying he had no intention of talking about Pirlo anymore. “Pirlo has been removed from the market, so this would not even be considered,”

“The matter is now closed.”

How anyone could possibly believe that Chelsea would offer Essien, who was brilliant after he came back from injury last season, and is only 26, for a 30 year-old that can’t speak English and has never played in the Premier League, is totally beyond me!

And if you add to that the fact that last summer Essien signed a FIVE year extension to his contract that will keep him at Stamford Bridge until 2013, and you can see what total baloney this story is!

Rant over!

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