Sturridge – If I Don't Play I'll Have to Look Elsewhere

The Chelsea striker Daniel Sturridge has admitted that he would love to play as a main striker at Stamford Bridge, but he can’t wait forever and will have to look elsewhere if he doesn’t get enough opportunities in the first team at Chelsea.

“I’m at the age when I want to be starting. I’m not saying the manager needs to oust other players to get me in but I need to be playing more often,” he said.

“It’s important at a young age to be playing regularly because that’s how you learn to play the game.

“When you’re coming off the bench it’s difficult to get into the pace of the game and do well. I don’t want to be branded a super-sub. I’d rather be branded a super-starter.

“It’s quite frustrating but you have to find a way of dealing with that because you’re not going to get everything your own way. The opportunities will come.

“Look at Gareth Bale. He’s doing amazingly but it wasn’t so long ago people were talking about how he hadn’t won a game. That’s from the confidence of playing regularly.”

“If the opportunities don’t come in due time, obviously I will have to look elsewhere. Because it is only a matter of time until you get frustrated,” he added.

“But you have to be patient at a club like Chelsea. Going out on loan doesn’t always do you good.

“It could be better to stay and work hard because it will then feel so much better when you do get your chance.

“I want to be a regular at Chelsea – not anywhere else. I believe I am able to start games for Chelsea. I’ve spoken to the manager about getting opportunities.”

Come on Daniel, be patient! Drogba and Anelka are ten years older than you, so you WILL get some opportunities. Just relax and make sure you do the business when you do get a chance….

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