Terry: Drogba and Lamps helped me keep team together

Captain John Terry has praised both Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard for assisting him in keeping the dressing room together over the last few years.

Referring to the amount of managers we have gone through over the last few season Terry speaking on Chelsea TV also made it clear that its the club and fans that are the most important and not the players or managers.

“It has been a test for me, but I think I have dealt with it and not only me,” Terry said.

“People like Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba, they deserve real credit because people hear about me, but they don’t tend to hear about Lamps and Didier behind the scenes.

“I can tell people that they are great and it is really important I have got their backing because we have had so many managers over the last few years.

“It was important that myself and Didier and Lamps kept everyone together and said listen, as long as we keep doing our job, we are going to have the fans there supporting us.

“That is what matters, Chelsea Football Club – not the manager, not the players because one day we won’t be here and it is important we keep the players going and keep the belief in our club to go on and win trophies.”

Its nice to hear Terry praise Didier and Lamps but if the truth be known considering the amount of managers we have had it really was a case of the team managing themselves on occasions.

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  1. Valentine says

    Wit one spirit we can win double best trophies this season.

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