Terry getting support from the team

Didier Drogba has confirmed what we all suspected and that is that he along with the rest of the squad are rallying around Captain John Terry and offering him support.

Drogba also moved to dispel the rumours that Terry make take some time off stating that he needs to play and stay focused with the rest of the team.

“It has been a difficult week for us, for Chelsea, for all the club,” Drogba told Sky Sports 1.

“We tried to stay together and focus on the game. It is a matter of time but we will stick together and keep looking forward.

“We offered him (Terry) as much support as we can. The best thing for him is to play. All his team-mates have to do everything for him.”

One of our biggest assets has always been the unity within the squad and results have shown today that the unity is back and as strong as ever.

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