Terry hits back at disgraceful Bellamy

John Terry has not taken the nasty comments by Craig Bellamy lying down and has hit back though in all fairness he has done it with subtlety as he cannot afford to get embroiled in any more controversies.

But we can,

First off, before we tell some home truths about Craig Bellamy it is only right that we publish what Terry said in response to Bellamy unprovoked personal attack

“People in glass houses should not throw stones,” said Terry and he is absolutely right,

Craig Bellamy is the last person that should have a dig at anyone

In 2006 for those with long memories, Bellamy was cleared of assaulting two women in a Cardiff nightclub and the next year was fined for attacking John Arne Riise with a golf club during a training camp in Portugal.

That is just two examples of what Bellamy is like, we could add the fights with Souness when he was at Newcastle, the allegations of racial abuse and so much more.

If Bridge would have made certain comments then fair play, but Bellamy?

Terry should have lamped him one that’s for sure but as we all know he is not in a position to do so with all the crap going round at the moment but Terry wont forget Bellamy’s comments and we predict that next time they meet on the field of play you will see Terry’s real response.

Bellamy is a disgrace and always has been and his comments should be taken for what they are, crap.

  1. simon says

    its because he is welsh so he doesnt care about upsetting the england camp, if it was not WC year a few more players at city would be speaking out

    I always thought cleared meant innocent ?

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