Terry shows his class and answers the critics

John Terry has explained the intent behind his celebrations after he headed in the second goal against Stoke in yesterday’s FA Cup clash.

Terry pointed to the captains armband and sent a message of thanks to the supporters for the way they have backed him in recent weeks,

“The armband means a lot. Chelsea have been supportive. We wanted to show the fans what it meant to us,” said Terry.

The captain as usual was subjected to boo’s from the Stoke fans but it really is water off a ducks back now for Terry and he is just concentrating on his own and the teams perfomance as Wilkins explained

“John’s dealing with the situation in the only way he can – committing himself to the cause” said Wilkins

“He’s an exceptional captain and we’re delighted to have him on board. He leads these players on the pitch in fantastic fashion.

“He was taking a bit too much stick from the Stoke fans and wanted to demonstrate that.”

And that he did.

A goal is always the best way to answer those having a go and because Terry is the utmost professional it does not matter how much they barrack him he will still stand up and be counted.

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