Terry – The Double is ours to throw away now!

The Chelsea captain John Terry can now see the light at the end of the tunnel, and believes that he could lead his team to their first ever League and FA Cup Double in the history of Stamford Bridge.

“It’s down to us,” Terry said. “We can only throw it away really. I’ve won the league and Cup singly before but to do it as a Double would mean so much. To lead the team to it would be incredible.”

He admits that after the draw with Blackburn, which saw Chelsea drop down to third, the team had to get together and do some straight talking.

“On that day, Blackburn wanted it more than us,” Terry said. “We should have been the team fighting to keep our place at the top of the table and they showed more fight than we did, which was not acceptable.

“Everyone spoke their mind, spoke honestly, and we got a few things that we were feeling off our chests. It was a little get-together, nothing too much, and we’ve gone again. Since then, we’ve been playing really well.”

Four wins in a row since then, and just five more to go……

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