Terry – We didn't work hard and fight, but we now have to regroup

The Chelsea captain John Terry couldn’t hide his disappointment at losing to Wigan on Saturday, and is certain it is because didn’t play to their normal standards.

He said: ‘You can go anywhere in the world and not play well but the least we expect from every player is to work hard and fight and we didn’t do that,’

‘That’s the most disappointing thing about the game.

‘But there’s a massive game at home [against Liverpool] this Sunday so it’s important we bounce back on Wednesday night.

‘We can regroup, go again and put ourselves in a good position in the Champions League group as well.’

‘You can’t go to places like that and not match the work ethic,’ he continued.

‘Our fans were upbeat, got on top of their players but in the end we didn’t win our headers, didn’t win our tackles and that’s the bare minimum we ask for.

‘Now there’s disappointment all around, the manager stressed that and the players feel it.

‘At the weekend it will be Liverpool and the big teams won this weekend so it’s disappointing we have come and lost three points against Wigan.’

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