Thats how you do it Man Utd

It is hard sometimes to contain ones feelings when all the stars and moons come together but today it just feels like there has been a bit of a celestial get together.

Man Utd losing 1-0 at home with ¾ of their first team on display is in itself just too funny, add to that the fact that the mighty Blues thrash Watford 5-0 on the same day and you can be forgiven for gloating like a pig in well you know what.

Seeing Fergies red face this afternoon it looked like the poor guy was going to keel over, you can just imagine what he said to his players and the fact that it was Leeds United made it all even better.

In fact losing to a League One team at Old Trafford is just humiliating but brilliant for the rest of us, bet they wish they did not enter the Cup this year like the arrogant lot they are 10 years ago.

Not much else to say really, just wanted to publish the fact that we are laughing our butts off at the soon to be disposed Premiership title holders.

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  2. gerald says

    Arsehole Weiner pointed out, that this does aid in CL play. Not to say that anyone throws an FA competition, but it does seemingly have a perk…

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