The "Happy One" reveals his plans for Chelsea (and John Terry)

It’s been far too long since we last had the joy of seeing Jose Mourinho chair a Chelsea press conference, but in a matter of seconds you could have forgotten that he ever left. In a mammoth press conference, Mourinho was re-unveiled as the new Blues boss. It’s been 9 years since he first sat in the chair and declared himself ‘The Special One’, but it seems he has returned with a new moniker.

“I am The Happy One. I am very happy”, Mourinho declared with a huge grin. From the worked the cameras and the journalists it could be difficult to know whether his happiness stems from being back at Chelsea or being back in front of the English media. However, the giggles and laughs were quickly put aside as Mourinho answered some more pressing questions.

Repeating his words when speaking to Chelsea TV, Mourinho once again insisted that he was on good terms with Roman Abramovich. He and the club parted ways amicably and mutually in 2007, and it was that which facilitated his return to the Stamford Bridge helm. Through his answer, Mourinho shows us a little glimpse of the fire and confidence that we came to know and love. According His Happiness, his success at Inter and then Real Madrid shows that his leaving was the right decision for him, while our Champions League win shows that the club continued what he started.
One question on the forefront of many journalists minds, and as asked by this website last week, was what did Mourinho plan to do with John Terry? Terry barely featured last season under Rafa Benitez, and this site was one of the few who believed Terry might leave the club this summer. That seems highly unlikely now, as Mourinho confirmed he has plans for Terry. Refusing to judge the decisions of Benitez last season, he said.

“What I can say is about the future – meet John in the first week of July and try to get the best out of him. I know what he can give, let’s try to make him again a very important player which he couldn’t be last season.”

However, Mourinho did make it clear that players he has previously worked with would be shown no favoritism. Lampard, Terry, Cech and co will have to prove their worth; their reputation and existing relationship will not be enough. Mourinho also confirmed that he intends to build on the good work of the club with youth players and give these young players a chance to prove themselves on the big stage.

Overall, the whole press conference didn’t reveal anything too startling. Mourinho looked and felt at home, and he displayed just enough attitude for us to know that he’s not back to rest on his laurels. If anything, this is his biggest managerial test yet, and you couldn’t help but think he’s completely up for it. And if he is, you can call us all ‘Happy ones’.

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