Time Ticking for Chelsea’s New Manager

Chelsea’s next manager might not have much time on their hands, even before they’re appointed.

Right now, bookies are scratching their heads trying to figure out who’s going to take over from Blues legend Frank Lampard, who’s only been given the reins until the end of the season.

There are some front-runners like Julian Nagelsmann and Luis Enrique, but a new study by Buzz Casino suggests that being Chelsea’s manager could be a tough gig. According to the study, Chelsea managers typically last a little over a year at best, which is longer than poor old Graham Potter, who only managed 206 days – but still not exactly job security.

Buzz Casino looked at the last five head coaches for each Premier League club to see how long managers tend to stick around, and Chelsea came in seventh from the bottom with an average tenure of just 489 days. The league average is 774 days, so Chelsea fall quite a bit short of that.

Chelsea fans might have hoped for some stability with Todd Boehly taking over from the notoriously indecisive Roman Abramovich, but with Potter getting the boot in his first season and Lampard brought in on a short-term caretaker basis, it looks like the managerial merry-go-round at Stamford Bridge is going to keep on spinning.

But hey, it’s not all doom and gloom for Chelsea. There are other clubs in the Premier League that have even worse job security for their managers. Everton take the crown for the least job security, with an average length of service of just 341 days – less than a year! Other clubs like Nottingham Forest, Leeds United and Crystal Palace also have pretty short average tenures for their managers. So, Chelsea’s not alone in this crazy ride of managerial changes in football.

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