Torres is misfiring again, but at least the Hulk is in form!

One Chelsea striker misfires again while another scores

Fernando Torres was starting to show Chelsea fans that his form and confidence were returning. He was looking sharp and starting to find the net. He scored his first goal for his country in over a year in a friendly, and was set to continue after being selected for Spain in Euro 2012.

Yesterday, during the match between Spain and Italy, this all seemed to unravel again. Alright, he did well to get himself into scoring positions but his finishing left a lot to be desired. Maybe this is why Vicente Del Bosque took the strange decision to start the match with six midfielders and no strikers.

When he did bring a striker on, it was Torres who got the nod but it will probably be somebody else next time. Cesc Fabregas has complained about the state of the pitch but it did not stop him finishing well or Italy’s Di Natale. Hopefully Spain’s boss will give the striker another chance, and Torres will keep his head.

Hulk, meanwhile was sharp and effective for Brazil on Saturday as they played a friendly game against Argentina. The striker, who is on his way to Stamford Bridge, pounced on a mistake from the Argentinian keeper to score an equalizer for his country. Brazil went on to lose the match after a brilliant hat-trick by Barcelona star Lionel Messi but it was good to see at least one Chelsea striker in form.

  1. Not me says

    He had the two good chances but i dont this missing them says to much, the first was an error forced by the brilliant Buffon and the second was not a bad effort. If he had his time over again he would have scored both (probably) but this is football. Spain had trouble breaking Italy down all game.

  2. Alan Frank says

    Hulk hasn’t signed yet but with Drogs gone Torres showed last night just why signing Hulk is so important for Chelsea now. Personally and after signing Hulk I think Roman should do all he can to bring Falcao in to pair these two up again and move Torres on.

  3. dave says

    the best is to exchange torres with falcao at ath. mad

  4. hamzat taiwo says

    i hope he start firing at all cylinder and stop misfiring

  5. aduak says

    please roman to end striker problem bring falcoa .hulk and cavani lose hope toress till another transfer window

  6. alh auwalu shaibu says

    chelsea f.c please sing this players,lavezy,wiliam,dembele,felani,victor moses,wandewiel. nest season is going to be a good year like this one.

  7. alh auwalu shaibu says

    i will also like to see ruberto dimatu as a chief couch of chelsea f.c

  8. michael says

    Drogba wouldn’t have missed. Torres did. Its an old story. If Chelsea will rely on Torrres to score, they’ll never be a champ again. They need another Drogba, someone who can score when it counts most.

  9. Prince Alhassan zekeri says

    first and foremost let me thank Abrahmovic for making RDM as chelsea manager.Now is time for Essen and malouda to go and bring in HULK and FALCAO to stamford bridge thank you all UP CHELSEA UP MIKEL UP TORRES.UP ROBERTO DI MATTEO and UP PETER CECH.

  10. Abdul says

    Mr abramovich pls act fast b4 hulk slip out of ur hand, he’s on holiday (HULK) now is d perfect time 2 finalise his deal cause he’s d only player cfc need 4 nw. Wit dis formation cech ivanovic terry loius cole mata mikel Ramirez Hazzard toores Hulk wit dis guys on d pitch even d devel wil be afraid 2 play against dem

  11. CFCSI says

    I hope you realise abramovic dosent read this. And victor Moses?? Really lol

  12. me says

    1. hulk is not signed yet; so anything can still happen;
    ** surprised me espn spoke of hulk as if a chelsea player (during brazil – argentina 3-4); is there smth i do not know? (remember robinho case, chelsea were advertising his t-shirt but did not happen)
    2. if di mateo gets the job, he deeply distrusts
    torres, he might want to shift torres to pastures new!
    3. an exchange with falcao would help as torres might be wanted at atletico; these little “calculations” are known not to work by the way! 🙂 like “we can squeeze them a little bit with courtois too” etc; the better torres plays for spain at euro 2012 the more we get for him, but we still should sell him! listen, torres at his top played for liverpool, liverpool did not hurt chelsea at the time, liverpool did not win anything i can remember, i think far more important is the team you have!! let him go!
    4. if chelsea did not win CL this year, would have been a disaster; and for that torres could have taken 30% of the blame, if i really think of it … who cares if he will play 100% after he left chelsea good luck to him! the cost of having the team stressed out like this ‘will torres play? will he score against wigan? is he back??’ can be huge! end of!

  13. jaycee says

    If Torres had started the match he would have scored.He created the spaces to run into and was stopped from scoring by the brilliant Buffon.His chip was not bad at all as he had the vision to see the keeper advancing.That chip didnt miss by much. The Torres of 6 months ago wouldnt even have attempted that chip. The press seem obsessed with the poor guy.Of course he will be under pressure.His current slump is 80% due to the press only having bad things to say no matter what he does?

  14. nino says

    Time ƑƠ̴͡Ʀ torres to go,cavani and hulk will do

  15. Augustine Elochukwu says

    people wil nt stp 4rm critizing,wht a nonsense,pls make una leave torres alone,stop talking rubbish jst becos u wnt chelsea 2 win i knw is dat torres is my favourite chelsea player.watchout 4 new torres nxt season

  16. Tony UnCee says

    I think the author of this article has not been fair to Torres. He came on as a sub, run into positions and was forced by Buffon to make that decision. The second chance was a good one and the effort he made was equally good and I strongly believe its a matter of time He will score. Now let me ask you WHAT DID THE ENGLISH PRAYERS DO? PLEASE LEAVE TORRES ALONE AND PRAY FOR HIS SUCCESS. However, if you don’t have anything to say or write about then please SHUT UP!!!!!!!!
    Long live CHELSEA, LONG LIVE Roman.

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