Tottenham STILL won't sell Modric to Chelsea!

Yesterday we brought you the news that Chelsea could make one final bid for Spurs midfielder Luka Modric, a bid that was rumoured to be in the region of £35million plus Daniel Sturridge.

Well Harry Redknapp has been speaking to Sky Sports about the possible bid, but he thinks that it is nowhere near enough as he had the following to say. “If we were looking at selling, it wouldn’t be my valuation. I think he is worth an awful lot more money than that.”

Redknapp went on to add, “But we are not looking to sell Luka. We need to keep our best players, so he is a player we want to keep if possible.”

Earlier in the year Redknapp said that he would not sell Modric for £100million, but the final decision rests with Spurs chairman Daniel Levy.

Spurs fans will hope that their chairman keeps Modric, but Chelsea fans are desperate for a quality midfield player before the season starts. They may well have to turn their attentions elsewhere as Spurs and Redknapp will do their best to keep Modric at White Hart Lane. Roman Abramovich the ball is now in your court.

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  1. rodgers m jnr says

    We need modric of course,bt lets nt show our desparat on adding more money,coz it ll cost us lot.modric want 2 come at stamford bridge, so he ll force them 4 us.

  2. erick patrick says

    i think thre is no need to make huge bid for modric, though it’s a type of midfilders we need, market has a lot of players to offer, i think the good idea is to luk for another one who can come to refresh our squad especially at the central part.

  3. Sani yakubu says

    Keep him harry! Keep him harry!!
    He is not your son
    he want out.
    But you did’nt accept his request.
    We can win epl & cl without modric.
    Please roman leave him.
    Go to spanish teenagers martinez and mata.

  4. caleb says

    Pls my fellow Chelsea fans forget about luka we cant pursue him forever its now becoming an insult,afterall we did not tell him not 2 make dat agreement with levy written.if it was A̶̲̥̅ written agreement it wouldn’t been lik dis so dat one is his own problem.avb buy ♍ƺ pstor abeg.

  5. Austino says

    True talk my broda.He(Modric) might even turn out to be anoda Schevshenko(mind not my spelling).Lets go after Pastore.

  6. Dejisco says

    I am blues 4 life & i am chelsea fan truely but i won’t c f c to best atakin plssssssssssssssssssss!

  7. Bem shadrach says

    Pasto is d most prefered to luka. Considering dt pasto is younger,has more scoring prowels & wud b desperate 2 shine especialy nw dt drogba is old & torres cant b relied opon 4 d goals we nid. Lets luk beyond our nose

  8. seyi says

    if totemham refuses to sell modric then lets go 4 pastore. He’s a creative midfilder who can aim at goal & a freekick guru.

  9. Bombay says

    Modric need to find for him self to go to winning team that race Trophy , Modric has to do Like Dani Alves did when he was at Valencia, Modric fight to live spurs your world record is important after your retirement..Good Luck for all Chelsea fans including me

  10. onyeka says

    So much attention on this guy. I wonder how much he would b prized next season £2m or £10m. Tottenham is a waste pipe they won’t even make it to the top six. Chelsea should look else were.

  11. Oliver says

    I feel sorry for Modric. He obviously wants to leave for Chelsea, while Tottenham are signaling that they will crumble without him. Who would want to stay on a team that admittedly is nothing without you, yet does not respect your wishes?

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