Tottenham v Villarreal highlights – Spurs lose 4-1

Tottenham Hotspur started their pre-season with a lesson from Villarreal at White Hart Lane this week. Guiseppe Rossi, the ex-Man Utd striker scored twice and only a consolation from Giovanni Dos Santos made the score halfway respectable.

Spurs have got a Champions League Qualifier coming up very soon but they will need to improve drastically on this performance to get through to the Group Stages.

Harry Redknapp admitted that Spurs were still looking to buy a couple of players in the transfer window. He said: “We need a couple of experienced players at the club. We did fantastic last season but we have a lot of players and some need to go out on loan. We need a few men in the team and not lads who are learning. Two or three would make a massive difference to us. Inter Milan won the Champions League with men, they weren’t kids. They knew how to win games and I think it’s going to be important.”

Harry had better concentrate on Qualifying before he thinks about winning it!

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