Two more strikers on Chelsea radar

Oscar Cardozo is a powerfully built 29-year old striker currently playing for Benfica in Portugal. At 6 ft 4 inches, he has the stature to fill the gap left by the departure of Didier Drogba. He knows how to finish as well, beating Porto’s Radamel Falcao to be Portugal’s top scorer in the 2009-2010 season.

He repeated his feat last season, so it is unsurprising that Europe’s top teams are interested. Chelsea and Everton have been linked with a move for Cardozo, but super rich French side Paris Saint-Germain have stolen a march on the English clubs.

PSG are trying to break into Europe’s elite and they are preparing an offer of around £15 million for the Paraguayan international, Talksport reports.

Alexandre Pato of AC Milan is just 22-years old and has been with the Italian club since 2007. He is under contract with Milan until 2014, but has spoken of his wish to play in the Premier league.

“I love English football. I have friends who play for Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United. At the moment I have a real taste for playing in the UK.”

Pato is in London preparing to represent Brazil at the Olympic Games. He went on to tell reporters that he was happy to stay at Milan until his contract ends, but it is unlikely that the club would be willing to lose him for nothing.

He has 19 full team caps for Brazil and has scored 7 goals for them. He has also got 51 league goals from his 113 games for Milan. It might not take too much to persuade the striker to cut short his time in Italy. His good friend David Luiz could put a word in for Chelsea.

  1. Austino says’

  2. Keane says

    Pls, chelsea 29 yrs old player is not what we need now, Codozo should be left alone even if he is as good as messi. Hulk, Debuchy, Fellani, Modric, Ben arfa, should come in. While, Ferera, Essien, Malouda, Sturridge, Meireles should Bosingwa and Kalou out. These players have made their mark 4 d team, they can no longer offer anything. Abramovic n Di Mateo take note, Chelsea till, God takes me.

  3. jungle jaro says

    chelsea need no more older players in the club.

  4. Jake says

    Pato could be a good option as he has played out wide on the right while Ancelotti was at the club and would be a lot less than Hulk. We have been previously linked with him so maybe this time it’s true. Keane, there is no way that many players will come in this season

  5. bosun says

    Highly shit 29yrs old player i tink we dont nid such a player here let make a big move 4 dose guyz ben arfa,hulk,pereira,etc…tanx

  6. taye says

    age doesn’t matter for now, Roman Empire need powerful built strikers.let’s get him,if milan can avail pato for us waaao chelsea attackin wl be very powerful. RA n RDM, don’t hesitate to get them.

  7. Sunny says

    He is nt a gud player so forget him, we chelsea fans hate him

  8. Ben igbobie says

    I dont tink we need him 29yrs is 2 old,let Rdm n Ra,go 4 hulk,falco,huntler etc.we need young attackers wit force n not old cargoes.up chelsea

  9. Flexyfelix says

    We need d life of cavani, hulk or facao, dis guys can replace drogba. But knew it won’t be easy bt chelsea hv to do something as europian champion.

  10. aspen says

    Let them go anywere even though for free (sturidge, malouda, ferrera, essien. Merrilesh, and bosingwa they have tried let them go

  11. Vince says

    It would be better if we get younger 29, Cardozo will most probably only play about 3 seasons for us before being deemed surplus to requirements, again. So instead of paying much money for him..rather get a younger player who can play 8-9 years for us and grow in the Chelsea team and culture! We do still have enough older players/experience to carry new players but we need a young team, a new generation. Get van der Wiel(24), Fellaini(24), Moutinho(25), Hulk(25), Pato(22). And promote other youngster already in on our books like Courtois(20), Hutchinson(22), Bruma(21), van Aanholt(20), Bertrand(21), Romeu(21), McEachren(19), Piazon(20), Davila(21), Lukaku(19). Off load Hilario(36), Ferreira(34), Essien(29), Malouda(32), Benayoun(32), with Bosingwa, Kalou and Drogba!

    Imagine our squad:
    Cech(30), Turnbull(26), Courtois(20)

    Van der Wiel(24), Hutchinson(22), Ivanovic(27), Cahill(26), Bruma(21), Luiz(25), Terry(31), van Aanholt(20), Cole(31), Bertrand(21)

    Mikel(25), Romeu(21), Fellaini(24), Meireles(28), McEachren(19), Ramires(24), Piazon(20), Davila(21), Lampard(33), Mata(23), Hazard(21), Marin(23),

    Hulk(25), Torres(28), Pato(22), Sturridge(22), Lukaku(19).

    We need a big squad with quality in depth! We have all seen what happens if u don’t!!!!
    Come on mr Roman..this is the last chance to spend big before the FFP!!!!

  12. Excellent Austine says

    Pls what about Edin Dzeco,Tevez,Pato and Hulk i think dis guys are ok in dat striking.then in defence Debuchy,Vandaweil,Dani Alvez.get some of dis players.thank you.

  13. aduak says

    please ruman stop buy injury striker’ pato’ bring hulk,modric,victor moses and van der wiel .

  14. Aduba uche says

    chelsea what we is experience striker lik Hulk,messi, and not all this young strikers

  15. Haruna yusuph oluwatosin says

    Falcao,modric,debuchy,fellaini is okay while Malouda,ferriera and turnbull should be out

  16. Haruna yusuph oluwatosin says

    With this squad,Chelsea will not only collect both the Super Cup and Club world Cup but they will also defend those thropies. GK Cech,Debuchy,Cahill,Luiz,Cole,Mikel,Modric,Mata,Hazard,Falcao,Hulk(4-1-3-2)Sub Krul,Van der wiel,Lampard,Terry,Piazon,McEachran,Torres,Ramires,betrand,Hutchison

  17. Darryl says

    seriously could you guys try think with your brain rather than follow on with the tabloid garbage thrown around the media, why do we need Modric, Ben Arfa, Fellaini and Perriera when we have Piazon and McEachran waiting for a chance to develop their talent, we have Marin, De Bruyne and Kakuta who all need a chance to prove their worth so scrap spending what would prove close to 50 million on Modric and Ben Arfa, as for Perriera seriously are you smoking grass, Cole was immense last season and when rested Bertrand played exceptionally well and guess what they both are on our squad list already!!as for Fellaini perhaps we could use him but let’s not forget we have Mikel and Essien adn even Ramires who could play CDM if needed, seriously stop buying into all this rubbish, if we get Hulk we do not need another player in any position!!**perhaps a case can be made for DeBuchy as Van Der Wiel will be a lot more but my argument to that is-IVANOVIC!!

    GK: Cech Turnbull Blackman
    DEF: Terry Cahill Luiz Ivanovic Cole Bertrand Chalobah Bruma Hutchinson
    MID: Ramires Mata Lampard Hazard Marin Mikel Romeu Piazon McEachran De Bruyne Kakuta and Hulk
    ATT: Torres Hulk (can play both) Sturridge and Lukaku

    if we sign Hulk either De Bruyne or Lukaku can go out on loan leaving us with this as our 25 man squad 15 of which will be home grown, this is the best model of development for our future, less spend more talent, we have to at the very least give these youngsters a chance!!

  18. Nabil says

    hulk,fellani,moura,modric,pato load and we offload essien,bosingwa,malouda with kalou and drogba leaving

  19. Nd . O says

    D players chelsea need now if possible that their clubs wil release them are Debuchy, Modric, Fellani, Hulk nd Falcao, then sell Malouda, Meireles, Esien, Kalou,Bosingwa, Tumbull, then loan out Kakuta, Lukaku and some other young players, wit these chelsea wil come back for their wining ways

  20. Ate frm kaduna says

    Buying cardozo is a welcm dev but we shld not 4get he is approaching 30 yrs. Sign him and also give lukaku chance. He can make us proud

  21. Joseph Chung says

    Truely, chelsea need experience striker lik Hulk, cus we already hv young strikers lik Kakuta n Lukaku, dis guys shld b givin a chance 2 prove themselves. Bringing in young strikers is nt d issue. Up d blues

  22. Eddy Elia says

    All we need is : Hulk , Modric , Falcao , Debuchy , Maicon ! With Hazard and Marin all ready bought offload Malouda , Essien , Mikel , Ferriera , Benayoun , and Kalou Drogba and Boswingwa leaving . CHELSEA NEXT SEASON : 4-1-2-1-2

    GK :Cech / Hilario / Turnbull

    RB :Maicon/Debuchy

    RCB :Cahill / Ivanovic

    LCB :Terry / Luiz /

    LB :Cole / Bertrand

    CDM :Ramires / Meireles

    RM :Hazard / Hulk

    LM :Mata / Marin

    CAM :Lampard / Modric

    RS :Torres / Sturridge

    LS :Falcao / Lukaku

  23. el nino says

    maicon luiz terry cole
    ramires lampard
    hulk hazard mata
    it’s perfect!!!

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