Uninspiring Brazil need to impress against North Korea

There is probably no other team in the world that has fielded more skill, flamboyance and magic at the World Cup than Brazil. Yet, this Brazilian team is being attacked by the press for focusing on winning rather than playing ‘futebol bonito’ or beautiful football.

Most of the criticism is being directed at Dunga, the former World Cup captain and now head coach of Brazil. Dunga lashed out at the media by saying “You guys hit me, you attack me from morning to evening and if I just answer, you tell me I am out of line. You may not like my answer, but you can criticise me for 24 hours, I can only criticise you for one second, and that is the crux of the matter”

The Samba boys have always fielded a star studded team that featured the likes of Romario, Bebeto and in recent times Rivaldo and Ronaldinho. Apart from Kaka, there are few other big names. A lot will rest on the shoulders of Kaka and goalkeeper Julio Cesar who is recovering from a back problem.

While Brazil is expected to win their game against North Korea, they will have to be wary of the Asians who play a fast close passing game of football. The North Koreans are the weakest team in Group G and Brazil will be looking to start their campaign with an emphatic win.

Dunga went on to say that “Without any doubt, every day as Brazil coach I feel nervous. It is four years since I’ve been coaching the Brazil team but I always feel butterflies in my stomach. I am wearing Brazilian colours and I know a lot of people would like to be in my place.”

Kaka will wear the famous number 10 jersey and be Brazil’s star player after Ronaldinho the two time world player and Adriano were left out of the Brazilian squad. Along with Argentina’s Messi, Kaka is expected to set this World Cup on fire and fans from around the world will be expecting Kaka to deliver.

While the Samba boys are expected to win, they will have to be careful as Group G is a tough group with both Portugal and Ivory Coast. If we are to go by form, Brazil should finish on top of Group G as they have performed well under Dunga who took over the coaching role in 2006. Since then, the samba boys have won 45 out of the 63 games they have played under Dunga’s coaching.

Dunga knows what it takes to win a World Cup and his experience and composure should help the Brazilians win, even if they don’t play ‘futebol bonito’!

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