Villas-Boas Calms Down Rumours Of Massive Incomings

Chelsea’s manager Andres Villas-Boas played down the possibilities of massive changes at the team amid rumours which were saying that the Portuguese is looking for a complete change-up in January.

According to “The special two” he is only looking for a central defender and perhaps another player in January but nothing more.

“Regarding what we are trying to do in central defence, we are trying to close a deal [for Gary Cahill] but I don’t think we will do much more than that, maybe one more player,” Villas-Boas told the club’s official website.

“Central defence is our number one priority and we will try to solve it as soon as possible. We had initial talks with Bolton but that doesn’t mean he is our only target.”

“Branislav Ivanovic will be back sooner than Mikel.

“We are looking at the Portsmouth game for Ivanovic and it is not impossible for Mikel either but it might be a bit too soon.”

The outgoings of Malouda, Alex, Drogba, Kalou and others are also expected to happen in January but AVB didn’t offer any concrete information on this.

  1. iyke says

    pls sign a midfielder and adam johnson

  2. Pack Muchi says

    Avb,stop yo mind game or is it ‘philosopy’ as u cal it & buy us players pls.we ar ‘blues’ usd 2 chalenge 4de title year in year out,not de 4th position u’r forcin us..

  3. Pack Muchi says

    Avb isn’t serious,trust me on this one.i fear 4my club.i’l b a spurs fan 4 a moment as i wait 4sumthn tangible at my belovd chealsea fc.

  4. Londonboy says

    Avb, b4 u came to chelsea, u should hav don sumthing to all dis over age players, u should hav brought falcao and motinho,,but u decided to depend on lampard! And y don’t u play to the strenght of torres! Try another formation becus chelsea is not barcelona!! 442 is our form

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