Villas-Boas' days at Chelsea might be over

Chelsea’s manager Andres Villas-Boas has to deal with yet another blow after Chelsea lost 2-0 against Liverpool in the Carling Cup quarter-final. Although many of the big teams in the Premier League say that this is not an important competition for them, Villas-Boas could have used a win given the late form Chelsea is in.

“This standard won’t be enough – we need to up the tempo and play that game with the ultimate desire.”

“At the moment, at home we’ve just not been good enough. I think we need to get our fans behind us at home and we need to get the emotions right.”

“I know, and you can feel, Stamford Bridge has become anxious about Chelsea playing at home, but we need their full support.”

“That’s the only way you can build the atmosphere to take us through this period.”

“Regarding our Premier League schedule, for our challenge to be alive we need to make the most out of our December fixtures, which include Newcastle, Tottenham and Manchester City.”

“If we do that, we’ll be back on track and it will have a major impact by the end of December.”

“I’m not a wizard, and I won’t say what will happen afterwards can’t have an impact. But it’s a fact, given we play some of the top teams, we can put our challenge back on track.”

“It was not good today, not the same level that we reached in our last Premier League game here. This was far inferior and Liverpool more superior.”

“Our best period was when the score was already 0-2, when we got the width and the crossing right. But Liverpool came on very strong in the second and created a lot of problems.”

This was the second loss Chelsea endured against Liverpool in just under 10 days, and both of them on home territory. People on Stanford Bridge are growing impatient with Villas-Boas who was supposed to take the team to their next title. Judging by the current situation they are a very long way away from the title and there’s no sun on the horizon so the Portuguese manager must take some action if he wants to still have a job there.

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  1. Icehole says

    I can mention many of the Chelsea player not cutting it.
    Terry , Lampard , Drogba , Alex , Mikel , Cole , Cech

    But are the players to blame i say no because end of the day its the manger that plays them he is to blame for not dropping them simples.

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