Villas-Boas starts his job by upsetting Chelsea's friends

The new Chelsea manager Villas-Boas has taken a leaf out of Jose Mourinho’s books and has cancelled an upcoming friendly match with Dutch side Vitesse, simply because it does not fit in with his pre-season plans.

The match was supposed to take place next month however it was planned for only five days after all the players were due to report for training on the 4th of July. The move shows Villas-Boas intent to take more control of the team than Ancelotti had.

According to The Guardian, Vitesse were very disappointed to hear that Chelsea would not be visiting them in the GelreDome as they were anticipating a crowd of at least 11,000 for he fixture. Vitesse’s managing director Paul van der Kraan said: “We were only informed over the weekend that the game could not now go ahead, and it was too late for us to arrange for an alternative opponent of similar stature to step in”.

Villas-Boas is determined to take a more hands-on approach in managing the team, he will be involved in determining friendly matches as well as transfers. Meanwhile he is also busy recruiting new backroom staff. One of his initial targets was his former No2 Victor Pereira, but he has been promoted as his successor at Porto. The current backroom staff have been placed on gardening-leave and Villas-Boas in negotiating with his former club to bring in their physical fitness coach and senior opposition scout.

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  1. Tarquine says

    Boas is right, he needs to understand his players first coz even those pre season matches can produce loosers en winners en so what do yu think if he loses to dat decimal team? Will the media understand that he chelsea didn’t prepare well? Go on Villas leave no stone unturned.

  2. Tarquine says

    There ar 3 players who made Carlo go. Malouda, Drogba en Lampard this bcoz of their selfish style of play that din’t bear any fruits. If Lampard do not leave, bring in Yossi. Malouda(Yuri). Drogba(sturridge) or any other but not these wazee. If yu don’t show them the door, they will do all they can including a secret visit to Abramovic at night to show yu the door.

  3. Hadi says

    He’s doing the best for the club

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