Villas-Boas Warns Chelsea captain John Terry

Villas-Boas has warned John Terry that he can not assume to stay the captain of Chelsea or to be guaranteed a place in the starting line-up. Although he has stated that he wants Terry to continue as the captain he will be on the look-out for new leaders in case Terry’s form ever drops.

Speaking to the Sun Villas-Boas said: “John is the captain of this club and will continue to be, as long as he can perform to the utmost of his ability as he has in the last six years. He has been successful in his captaincy for most of the time. And he represents the successful history of this club in the last six or seven years”.

He continued: “I know most of the players in the dressing room see John as a leader and a player who motivates them. So, if John is in the team, he will be the captain”.

It seems clear that Villas-Boas wants to end the super-star mentality at Chelsea and foster a stronger team-spirit, meaning players can not rely on their status or previous form to get them into the starting line-up.

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  1. fsammy says

    dts a good 1 4rm avb,i love it,all animals are equal

  2. smogzaz says

    JT is still the man

  3. 80millionpounds, nigeria says

    We must keep our main man as d club captain or else u give d captain to enrique hilarious and u know what dat means d club cud go related at d end of d season. Terry could act as d boss if given a chance. I strongly beleive dat tery wl remain as d captain.

  4. Wizzyblack says

    AVB,thumb up to you guy. There should be No automatic shirt for any player in Chelsea team.

  5. donmario says

    God help this man to succeed wd dis plan cos dis is wt is killing chelsea-no team spirit

  6. iocehole says

    I fear automatic shirts have played their part at Chelsea for too long take lampard his form has been dire so has Essien ,Anelka ,Malouda and Cole but they get to play week in week in week out.
    In lampards case he has been brilliant in the past but that’s no reason to keep playing someone who just is not cutting it at the moment.
    I hope this new manager does not go down the automatic shirt route as have all the others.

  7. Maximos Ogunye says

    I love ur policy AVB.

  8. danibrako says

    No more favouritism and neopotism in chelsea line. Let current form determine the line up. Good plan great AVB,

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