Was Nemanja Matic telling porky-pies about Chelsea deal?

It seems that Nemanja Matic’s club, MFK Kosovice, has no inkling about the deal that Nemanja Matic has “agreed” with Chelsea. He was quoted last week as saying that he would be moving this summer to Stamford Bridge, and the only thing missing was the transfer fee.

He (apparently) said: “I can confirm that Chelsea have offered me a four-year contract, which I have accepted,”

“Now the clubs must come to an agreement.”

But today the head of football development at Kosovice, Allen Bula, told Sky Sports: “We have not received an official offer from Chelsea,”

“No talks have taken place between MFK Kosice and Chelsea FC.

“We are still trying to find out whether there is any truth in the reports that Matic had agreed a contract with Chelsea.”

Hmm i thought that Chelsea buying a player for just £1.5m seemed a little unlikely, but maybe they are still considering the deal?

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